help with redirect in forms.


i am pretty new at this and have hit a road block in my program. i am using a RCM3700 with a prototyping board and am programing over Ethernet with the RabbitLink board.

i am trying to create a web form that i can enter a value and select either ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ to control a digital attenuator.

I’ve been working mostly from sample programs given from rabbit. Right now i have created the form, but when i click submit on it the page does not redirect to itself, the browser just says “waiting for 192.XXX.XXX.XX”. i have a redirect function that is set as the “sspec_setformepilog” to the entire form.

i set up the form like:
#define REDIRECTTO " http://"REDIRECTHOST “/index.html”

int redirect(HttpState* state)
cgi_redirectto(state, REDIRECTTO );
return 0;

void main (void) {
form = sspec_addform(“myform.html”, myform, 2, SERVER_HTTP);
funct = sspec_addfunction(“redirect”,redirect, SERVER_HTTP);
sspec_setformepilog( form, funct );

-then i definer my variables and everything like that.
-apply is a function that i know works from testing it independently that controls the attenuator
-if i set the function to be a “setformprolog” it redirects.
-there are a lot more definitions and stuff but I’m pretty sure everything there is correct

does anyone know why the form does not call redirect properly? any help would be really appreciated.