help with zigbee coordinator

i am a btech student and doing a project on zigbee(with star topology in mind) but i am a newbie in this field and has certain doubts to clarify:

i am planning to buy a zigbee kit. could anyone suggest me one?
i had a look at zigbee mini kit from TI.

i also noticed the coordinator came with a usb interface that should be connected to pc. what is the real purpose of pc with the coordinator?, is it just for testing the demo programs and power supply?.

after programming it will it work without the pc ?

If you dont mind in spending some extra money than u should buy with pc interface. It will not only give you pc interface it will also allow you to check all different commands and will help you to work faster on your project phase.

there are many different zigbee module so wisely choose which suits your need.
eg. 802.15.4 , mesh, digi-mesh (low power or high power)

will programming or using zigbee careful about firmware version, there are many case when due to firmware difference you could not talk to other End point or Coordinator.

thanks for the reply,
i am going to buy the mini kit offered by TI, which has c2530 zigbee transreciever.we are planning to make a remote with some extra features for elderly and physically challenged.

the kit will be having two endpoints and a coordinator.if we are using star topology, the remote and (for instance) the tv will be the endpoints.we want the coordinator interfaced without the pc .is it possible to design without using the pc and instead using a microcontroller for the usb interface.

Well, of course a micro can manage the coordinator - but that doesn’t mean the kit you buy will allow that!

You should ask TI if you plan to buy TI dev kits.