how can I command IBxCR and setup memory banks?

Hello, It seems like you want to use external interface on the module through the Auxiliary I/O Bus?

By using WrPortI() you can set the internal registers.
For more information on this please check Dynamic C function reference manual.

And also check processor reference manual to know more about what are the steps you need to follow to use Auxiliary I/O Bus.


Is the following command correct?
—for setting up I/O bank 2?

Actually this register is ,to set wait state and read or write strobe.
Please check the processor’s reference manual page 263 for more info on the IB2CR bits.


can you provide me the commands to interface an fpga to RCM4000?
What should I do for this?
I have set SPCR register.after that what should I do to read data from external I/O?
pls provide sample programs…