how Can I connect bl4s100 to a touch-panel by rs-232?

Hi all, I have a Bl4s100 board and I need to connect it to a touch panel FE1000. This panel has a rs-232 com port so I need to understand how to connect them togheter.
I’m new to this tech so I’m not able to understand alone.
Thank you in advance

Hello, BL4S100 has the two serial ports, you can send and receive data at these serial ports from the application, but regarding the touch screen interface with the BL4S100, you need to check, does FE1000 has the capability to work through the serial port data from the micro controller? if it has the capability, I hope you may interface at the serial port.Please check touch screen specifications.

My touch panel is quite easy to connect to PLC, but I need to use the board BL4S100 as PLC. I thought to use Modbus protocol and, in particular, rs-232 (avaible on my display). But Im new with this tech and I have some problems to type a proper C-code. can somebody help me?
Thank you