How can I disable the watchdog in Dynamic C 10.72 ? ( Rabbit 4300)

The following function can be used to disable the software watchdog:

SYNTAX: int rn_enable_wdt(int handle, int wdttype);

DESCRIPTION: Enables the hardware and/or software watchdog timers on
a device. The device microcode will keep the hardware
watchdog timer updated but will hard reset if time expires.
Hardware watchdog cannot be disabled except by a device
hard reset. Software watchdog timer must be updated by
controller code. The device will soft reset if the timeout
expires, previously set by rn_sw_wdt().

				This function will first check device information for
           valid device connection.

PARAMETER1: Address index to device information. Use rn_device()
or rn_find() to establish handle.
PARAMETER2: 0=enables both hardware and software watchdog timers.
1=enables hardware watchdog timer.
2=enables software watchdog timer.

RETURN VALUE: -1, device information indicates no connection
or status byte from previous command.

SEE ALSO: rn_hitwd, rn_sw_wdt

Thanks for your help.

Please ignore the previous answer. It is for RabbitNet devices.

You can disable and re-enable the hardware watchdog timer with the two functions:




See the sample program samples\sysclock est_osc.c. The comments at the top of this program have good information. Please read.

Ok. Thanks you very much !