How can I insert my Splash? What format (*.bmp, *.jpg, ...) it must be?

Hi All!

I want to place my splash image into uboot. What kind of image must I load to flash part?

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You have to update the *.bmp file.

Thank You cpigilam for fast reply!

What resolution must be image? OSDesign have these display drivers:

  • 800x480;
  • 320x240;
  • 640x480,
    but uboot don’t known about 800x480 resolution. Must I change uboot to support addition resolution for splash image?

I load to partition “Splash” bmp-image 320x240.

This is console screen:

[OEMInit]: Force clean boot
[OALTimerInit]: Soft RTC enabled
[Display]: U-Boot Splash Image not configured. Skip Splash Image copy

How must I configure Splash Image?


Currently CC9M2443 supports only 640x480 8bit images only
After updating the Splash image , set the command
#setenv videoinit yes