how can I know the compilation qt-embedded parameters that DigiEsp uses?

I am using DigiESP 5.9, and I need freetype support in qt-embedded. I was thinking rebuild the qt 4.7.2, with the same parameters including freetype support, so I need to know the compilation flags.

Regards, Emmanuel.

i would imagine it will be in one of the configuration files in meta-qt4

But I am usign the digi live DVD (DEL), it have not meta layers. I was thinking in rebuild qt and install in my linux embedded tha builded with DEL. Do you know where qt is configured for DEL?

Sorry, My assumption was that you are using DEY and not DEL. I do not have access to the DEL DVD image right now so I cannot give you exact path, but I can give a similar example of a different package used in DEL (openntpd):

You can see sources for openntpd we used on DVD:
DVD oolchain\packages\openntpd-3.9p1.tar.gz

You can see how we configured and built it also on DVD:
DVD oolchain\del_toolchain\packages\openntpd\

$(PACKAGE_DIR)/.configured: $(PACKAGE_DIR)/.unpacked
( cd $(PACKAGE_DIR); autoconf; autoheader; rm -f config.cache;
$(if $(findstring $(TARGET),host),–host=arm-linux --disable-strip)