How do I disable SNMP on my Digi One SP device?

The device has fw version 82000774_V1 02/06/2012.
I need to disable SNMP.
The user manual says this can be done in the Configuration->System menu.
But I don’t see any SNMP configuration available there.
Is there another way I can disable SNMP? Thanks!


I believe the Digi One SP does not offer SNMP functionality.

First, SNMP is not listed on the spec sheet of this product. I also looked at a unit of my own (with newer firmware, 82000774_W) and did not see any mention of SNMP. In the Web UI, under Configuration / Security, Network Security, all of the available services are listed, and SNMP is not there. Additionally, if you “CLI” into the Digi One SP, i.e. through telnet, and issue the “show service” command, SNMP isn’t listed there either.

So the SNMP lines in the config file don’t do anything?
set snmp run=on auth_trap=on login_trap=on
set snmp cold_start_trap=on link_up_trap=off
set snmp location=“” name=“clock2” contact=“”

“set snmp” is not a valid command, at least for my DO SP.