How do I get the xbee3 (NB-IoT) device to read a string from another device over a com port?

I have a psoc4 BLE board that I’m trying to send a string (“Hello World!”) to the xbee3 over a UART connection. The Psoc4 board is attached to the PC over com9, and I have successfully sent a string to a Tera Term terminal over this connection. the UART is setup with a baud=115200, bits=8, parity= None, stop=1

Now I have the Xbee3 device connected over UART to a separate com port on the same PC. I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the xbee3 to receive the string of data. I don’t understand how to get the digi to listen for the psoc4 over the com port.

Ultimately ill be sending this string to AWS

I feel like I’m missing something relatively simple and I was hoping you guys could help point me in the right direction and explain what I’m looking for.

You simply need to connect the Psoc4 board’s physical COM port to the XBee modules Physical COM port.

Make sure you do this with the proper voltage level shifting.

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