How do I only allow https outbound traffic?

I have tried various firewall rule but i still cant allow specific https.

I do notice pass out break end inspect-state rule is to allow outbound traffic. What if I only want https traffic to pass?

if you are enabling this on the PPP interface this allows all traffic.

If you just want https outbound then

pass out break end from any to any port=443 inspect-state



Hi James, thank you for the answer. What is the difference if I enable this on ETH0?

I have tried enabling on eth0 and the wr router would not respond. It seems that it has blocked all trafic the moment i enable on ETH0.

I am just connecting the WR eth0 to my laptop LAN port.

the rule is outbound and if your laptop is on eth0 and you enable the firewall on eth0

the firewall should be in bound as the first packet to https would be from laptop in to router

enabling firewall on eth 0 will block everything inbound to which you would have to allow inbound traffic and outbound from the router

Hi James! Thank you for you answers again. I am getting a hang of it.

So instance, if i have block log break end enabled on ETH0. Does that mean i am blocking everything incoming traffic from my laptop to the WR’S ETH0?

Similarly, if i have pass out break end enabled on ETH0, does that mean i am allowing all traffic going out from WR’S ETH0 to my laptop?