How do i read the incoming data one the programmable XBEE without using API Mode ?

I’ve got the following network :

  • 2 XBEE RS232 Adapter S1 Pro (XBP24-AWI-501-RevP) (end device)
  • 1 XBIB-U-DEV with a programmable XBEE Model PS2CTH (XBP24CZ7WITB003-revA) (concentrator)

The 2 XBEE RS232 adapter are connected to devices that send data on the RS232 followed by a character. They can’t be programmed.
This 2 XBEE are configured in transparent mode and send the data to the programmable XBEE.

The programmable XBEE must read the incoming data and send it on its serial port.

If i use the programmable XBEE with the “serial bypass” demo program and do a test with XCTU everything is working.

I try now to develop a program on the programmable XBEE that must bufferized the incoming data from both end device
and send it over RS232 with a fixed delay between each data.

I’m using Codewarrior.
I tried the “basic frame reception” but it is not working because i’m not using the API mode.
I tried the “serial echo” but it doesn’t tell how to receive data over “radio uart”.

How do i read the incoming data one the programmable XBEE without using API Mode ?

Is there a sample that show how to do it ?

Thanks for your help.

What firmware version are you running on your Programmable XBee module’s RF Processor?

The Programmable module is designed to function in API mode ONLY.

Thanks for your answer.

The product version is XBP24C, the function set is 802.15.4 TH PRO
and the firmware version is 2001.

Would it be possible to bypass all the API mode to do a simple read/write on the port
SCI2 of the embedded microcontroller(by calling directly xbee_ser_… functions) ?

My problem is that i’ve got 2 devices that can only send simple data string + over RS232. On the other end, i must send it on the serial port of the receiving device with the same formatting.

What are my alternative :

  • Use 3 programmable XBP24C and make them talk to each other by using only API Mode ;
  • Use 3 XBEE - RS232 adapteur in transparent mode and connect one module to an external micro controller (like an arduino) ;

Best regards

I think there is a little confusion. The Programmable can talk to nodes that are in either transparent mode or API mode.

The RF processor on the Programmable talks to the FreeScale processor via API frames. The Sample code Digi offers and the Libraries Digi offers are all designed around the FreeScale Application processor talking to the RF Processor via API mode.

Remember that API mode or transparent mode only affects the UART of that specific module and the data flowing in and out of the UART of that module. In this case the RF processor of that module.

Ok. Thanks for the precision.

Best regards