How do I retrieve the list of networks available?

How do I retrieve the list of available networks? I’ve been fiddling with this for several ours and two approaches seem to result in a list added to the

modemstat ?



modemstat s


python -m misc/mcmdi AT+COPS=?

There are also more issues with that:

a) it takes a loooong time for the information to show up 15+ minutes, while another 3G Mini PCI Express modem produces that information using the same SIM within 2 minutes.

b) the information stays in the

modemstat ?

output even after doing a




sequence, and removing the SIM.

c) I don’t know which of the two above actually works.

Has anyone ever done anything useful with abovementioned commands?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure what you are trying to do.
Modemstat is used to see mobile information

If you want to scan for other networks you can navigate to the following option in the webUI and can see the available networks

Management - Network Status > Interfaces > Mobile

I am trying to retrieve the list of available operators through the command line (we command the modem through a second application that monitors the 3G connection).

The web interface is as unreliable it seems as the modemstat s command. On USB 3G modems AT+COPS=? yields a result within 2 minutes normally.