How do I set up a new display for the LVDS connector on the Wi-i.MX53?

I have a Development board for the Wi-i.MX53 and I wish to connect another LCD panel to it instead of the one delivered by DIGI.
The display is a FG0700K6DSSWAGT1 with a 3 pair LVDS connection.
I can get a picture on it, but it has the wrong resolution when I set it up as one of the predefined LVDS displays in U-Boot.
I have tried defining all the parameters in U-Boot but it seems that either U-Boot or Windows ignores these.

I do not know what you need to set in WinCE side but on uboot you need to set environment variables.

In uboot type video command and then choose display LVDS and set a custom configuration. You can choose to set a configuration which can be read from NVRAM or it can be read from OS also.

Check WinCE docs to see where you need to customize a custom display

For clarification, this is my output when I try to select a custom display in U-Boot:

U-Boot 2009.08 - DUB- - (Jul 12 2012 - 13:40:22) - GCC 4.4.6
for ConnectCore Wi-i.MX53 on a JumpStart Kit Development Board

I2C: ready
NAND: 512 MiB
DRAM: 512 MB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Autoscript from TFTP… [not available]
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
CCWMX53 # video

Video interface

  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2
  3. LVDS bridge
  4. Primary display
  5. Cancel
    Select interface: 1

Displays/video mode

  1. Disabled
  2. HDMI
  3. LCD display
  4. LVDS display
  5. Cancel
    Select displays/video mode: 4

LVDS display

  1. LQ121K1LG11 and LQ121K1LG52 (1280x800)
  2. HSD101PFW2 (1024x600)
  3. custom1 configuration
  4. custom2 configuration
  5. Cancel
    Select LVDS display: 3


Remember to save the configuration with ‘saveenv’


Output in Windows after boot:

BSPGetNumSupportedModes: MODEID initialized
[BSPGetPanelInfo DI0]: LVDS interface selected.
[BSPGetPanelInfo DI0]: Display =LVDS Custom Display 1 Resolution 0x0.
[BSPGetPanelInfo DI0]: LVDS interface selected.
[BSPGetPanelInfo DI0]: Display =LVDS Custom Display 1 Resolution 0x0.

If I try to select one of the predefined types I get a picture but it does not “fit” eg. the resolution is too high, but a picture shows up.

Clearly the “custom1” does not have the relevant parameters defined.
Where do I define these, the U-boot documentation does not specify this, and Google does not yield any answer.

You need to check WinCE documentation to udnerstand how to setup a custom display.

If couldnt find reach out to