How do I shorten the discovery time

I am using Xbee Pro 900HP, 1okhz modules.
When I issue a node discovery command (ATND), it takes about 20 seconds to finish the discovery. Are there any way to shorten the time?

My settings are as following:
NO Network Discovery option=2. Bit 1 return Device own DN response first
AP Transparent Mode(0)
TO Transmit Option=40 (Point to Point)
Baud rate = 57600
Flow Control ON
CM Channel Mask FFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFF (Default)
All other settings are in default settings as well


Set the BH and NH to lower values and that is about it.

BH and NH are already set to the lowest values. 0 & 1.
I know you said BH and NH is the only variables that will reduce the discovery time, but I tried to change the the Channel Mask CM to FFFFF7C000 so it only is using 25 Channels, to see if that would help. Same thing…
Now I am asking: Can I stop the “discovery search” as soon I discover a module?


No but if you use the NI feature, you can do an ND or DN to the NI value and that will complete as soon as the node is found.

I am already using the NI command to identify the modules. MODULE-00, MODULE-01,…
I am not sure how to do a ND command to the NI value?
If I send the command “ATND MODULE-03” from Module 00, then I am getting an ERROR


It works. Module 03 was in sleep mode.
Both “ATND MODULE-03” and “ATNDMODULE-03” works.
I am reading manual 90002173_N.pdf for the 900hp unit, and could not find the instruction or method you suggested to use.

Thank you very much for your help

Gerry, Glad that worked for you.