How is the use of zigbee transmit request?

Hi everybody,

I need to communicate 4 xbees( 1 coordinator and 3 routers). When i’m writing the command in python xbee.send( “tx”,dest_addr= ‘\xff\xfe’, data = “hello”)from coordinator to one router,i have no response of command xbee.wait_read_frame(). i run python2.7.9 from Raspberry model B+. So if anybody can help supporting this issue i’m gonna be entire gratefull with. Please this problem is really urgent cause i depend of this to continue with my final degree work.

this is the code:

from xbee import XBee, ZigBee
import serial
print(conectando puerto serial)
xbee.send( “tx”,dest_addr= ‘\xff\xfe’, data = “hello”)

Have you looked over any of the sample python libraries devoted to your processor and the XBee? Generally you will find them on your Processors web site or from any of a number of 3rd party sites.

Yes, and i did not find useful information

Are you receiving the data that you sent from radio 1 on radio 2? You can verify that using XCTU and its Terminal tab. If possible, you may want to use a port monitor software to see if your code is doing what you think it is. That is if it is trying to read the port or not.