How long to wait for "ATAS" response string in XBee PRO

I would like to know how long to wait for a response string from the XBee PRO after sending the “ATAS” command. It is my understanding that the time is a function of the number of channels scanned and the scan delay on each channel. For example, if I send “ATSD 2” and “ATSC 1ffe”, this is equivalent to 2^2 * 15.36msec * 13 channels or ~790msec. So if I set my timeout waiting for a response from the “ATAS” command to one second, I should be ok, correct?

On a side note, I also notice the ATAS command can take a parameter 0 to 6. What does this do and how does it relate to the SD and SC parameters?

Thank you.

Yes you would be ok.

Which specific XBee module and related firmware are you working with?

We’re working with Product Family: XB24 Function Set: XBee 802.15.4 Firmware version: 10ef.

Specifically, I am asking what is the proper method for calculating an “ATAS” response timeout given the various parameters in the radio. Additionally, what does the parameter which can be passed into the “ATAS” command do? What happens if I don’t pass a parameter into the command?


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