How network will affected if NJ of coordinator set to 0x00?


I have to deploy multiple zigbee networks. All these networks are co-located. If I set NJ of coordinator to 0x00 can end devices with same PAN ID of coordinator join the network or NJ is mandatory to be non zero value for joining to be establish?

I have never deploy multiple zigbee networks so can not figuring this out. Please help to solve this.


Setting NJ to 0 before any nodes can Join will only cause the coordinator to keep any nodes from Joining. In the situation you are referring to, if you have already set the ID to a unique value for each network, then their is no reason to set NJ to any other value than FF. Otherwise you can simply set NJ to 0 on the coordinator and or routers of the networks you do not want to have node join to it. Then power on your nodes you want to join the network (coordinator) with NJ enabled.