How to add a new XBee node without manually changing the PAN ID

Hello guys.

I’m building a sensor mesh network for my college thesis and I would like some help.

I have a network of 3 routers and one coordinator, everything is working as expected, but now I need to add a new node to the network.

Lets imagine that I buy this new sensor node from a store, and it’s a closed box, I have no access to the XBee board to run it on X-CTU.

Is there a way of adding this new node to the network, even though it has a different PAN ID? I’m thinking of some sort of promiscuous mode, and then the Coordinator would issue a remote AT command for the new router to change it’s PAN ID to mach the network.

Is this possible? Is there another way of doing what I need?

Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you.


No there is no way to change a remote modules settings without it being within the current network.

Then, can I send a message to the module that is not on my network?
Or, the module that is not connected can somehow get the name of the PAN ID of the coordinator?

No, only communications is able to occur within the PAN. .

If you use the default pan ID of 0 on both the existing network and new node, providing you are not preventing joining from occurring, the new could could join the network and send data.