How to allocate an array in extended memory?


I can store and extract memory in extended memory using something like “xdata name3 {” Rules! “};” to define the memory. I want to use this for a datalog, so I need a large abount of space. I could do this by just defining a large string, and then using that space. There must be a better way. Can anyone tell me?

For avoidance of doubt, I want to do instead of:

xdata name3 {" Rules! "};

something the equivalent of:

xdata name3 {char[9]};

but where 9 is more like 20,000.

I am doing this on a RCM4000 using Dynamic C 10.40

Hello Samson,
Since you are using 4000 series of processor and dc10.xx, you can easily allocate memeory from xmem by using the far key word
Eg: //x is an integer variable in xmem
// y is also an integer variable in xmem
static far int x;
static int far y;

i think this will clear your doubt,