How to apply UART match and gap interrupts

Hi there Well, I’ve read so many forum messages about this UART/RXBC story and I still have problem with the BC interrupt: I am writing a interrupt driven uart driver. As long as I work only with the RXRDY interrupts, the interrupt routine is called correctly. But when I enable the ‘receive data match’ or the ‘receive character gap timer’ in control register B, the interrupt routine isn’t called anymore! I have the BC interrupt enabled and wrote my interrupt routine following to the recommendations in the HW-Reference. Thanks, Stefan

Hi… see the attached code snippets for info on how to make an interrupt driver using the RXBC interrupt work… The macros for SFR access do what you would expect with respect to the named SFR/SFR bits… BBFN Dave

Thank you Dave, I’ve got it working! Now only the TXBC is missing… I asked Netsilicon about a concrete statement about this. I’m waiting for an answer… I will keep you up to date. Greets, Stefan