How to avoid the delay between consecutive AT mode instances in XBee S6B

Hi, I am sending text string from a PC connected to one S6B module to other two different receiving S6B modules, A and B, one after each other.
In order to sequentially switch IP destination address in the module connected to the PC, I send this:

  1. “+++”
  2. ATDLipaddress of the receiver A
  3. “ATCN”
  4. “Message for the receiver A”
  5. Pause(2 seconds)
  6. “+++”
  7. ATDLipaddress of the receiver B
  8. “ATCN”
  9. “Message for the receiver B”
    … and so on…

I noticed that if I don’t wait 2 seconds -point 5)- the second “+++” sequence is sent as a message to the receiver A instead of an AT command for the transmitter module. Is there any reason why this happen? I want to remove this wait because it really slows the overall system. I looked for explanation in the manual but I couldn’t find anything. Any ideas? I don’t know which other info you might need for answering my question, but I’d be more than happy to give you more details.

The time delay you are referring to is the Guard Time. While you are not able to eliminate it, you can reduce it to a few mS. Just remember that you need to have the GT value set to no less than it takes to send the +++ within the GT time frame at the given baud rate. At 9600 baud, you could theoretically set the GT to 3mS.