How to change function set in the new XCTU


I am trying to put my Xbee module (XB24-ZB family, router) in API mode. I am using XCTU 6.1.1 and I have spent the afternoon looking for how to do this, but all the help I found was for the old design of XCTU and I did not manage to translate it to the new version. I have also looked in the software help, but did not find any guidance there.

I have managed to discover the module and set it to talk to my coordinator (in API mode by default) and I can receive the data on the co-ordinator. I get this sort of characters at the beginning of each line: 7~ 0� ¢ @§Gõ|; which I guess is the frame of the data, which I’ll need to write some code to interpret. But I need to add a second router to my network so I need to work in API mode, right ?.

What I understand is that I need to change the ‘function set’, but in my version of X-CTU, I don’t find where to edit this. Can anyone help me?

I hope this is clear enough,


For the new XCTU-NG you can see the function sets by clicking on the Tools icon and then clicking on Firmware Explorer.

From here you can select the Product Family, Function set, and Firmware version you are interested in and save the profile.

After you have done that, go back to the Configuration page for the XBee and click on the Load Profile icon and select your file.

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t have time to work on this for a while. I just followed you instruction (choose XB24-ZB familly, Zigbee end-device API, firmware 29AZ (newest)) and now when I try to discover the device I get the following error message:

“error discovering device: could not find any device in port COM7 > error initializing Xbee device parameters > connection time out > could not read hardware and firmware”

Any idea what went wrong? and what I need to do to debug this? I did not find anything about this particular error message. I saw that I can reseat my module, but it still won’t tell me how not to do the same mistake again.

Thank you for any suggestion

Edit: also I renamed the file sensors_XB24-ZB_end-device-API-29A7.xml and I was wondering if the error couldn’t come from that. Are they any restriction on profile file names? I couldn’t find anything about that.

In case it helps someone else, I think I found where the problem came form: Arduino and Arduino shields cannot be used to update the firmware. You need to get another explorer board.

I am facing the same problem. Is there a way to recover that Xbee module?
Thanks in Advance

I am facing the same problem too. If you have found a solution or anyone else, please help me with it.

Thanks in advance.

hi, i have been working on Xbee for quit a long, and i have also faced the problem you are facing, and i found the solution, here it goes

frist see that no other Xbee is connected to your laptop or is active.

second remove the port of the Xbee you want to change the frimware and replug it in.

then, open the recovery xbee and then choose the required function of the Xbee and click recover, it will shown a dialoque box at that instance click the reset button on the Xbee module, then that should work fine and the new frimware will be uploaded on to your xbee.

finally, remove and replug it in you will see that the friware has been changed… :slight_smile: