How to collect data from X-CTU (Terminal tab)

Hello ,

I am new user of Wireless sensor network. I am woking with XBee Prox(Series 1) RF modules mounted with Arduino board. I have a cantilever beam with one RF mounted at end of beam and another is connected with PC for data collection through X-CTU.
I am not able to understand how i can get the acceleration data in terms of text file or excel file.

if any one knows please help me.

The short answer is that you cannot. The XCTU can display the data but not log or store it. If you use something like Hyperterminal, that can log to a text file. Since you are merely connected to COM port you can use any program that can connect to a COM port and perform the action you are looking for.

You can try Zigbee Operator. It can log the data auto matically. It support API and AT mode both.