How to generate a AWS C-function call on clicking a link?

Hi,How can I generate a C-function call with AWS when the user clicks on a specific link: e.g. Call C-function 3 I want the same *html page to be shown when the user clicks to link above, but I want to call a c-function that increments a counter, and takes track of what link was clicked. Since the actual html pages are the same, I don’t want to waste Romspace by copying the same html page. Henk Dijkstra

Why not pass the information to the same C function. Use CGI parameters like: Call C-function 3 In your function you can use RpGetFormItem to find the “func” parameter.

Can you inform me how to use the RpGetFormItem function ? When I try using it the Digiconnect module seems to stop operating. I could not find more information in the documentation. Thanks in advance. Bram Dirriwachter

When you form is loaded you can do something like: void PageLoad(void theTaskDataPtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuesPtr) { char pValuePair; char name[128]; // OBS Should really be 4K char value[128]; int pageId = -1; pValuePair = RpGetFormBufferPtr(theTaskDataPtr); do { RpGetFormItem(&pValuePair, name, value); if (strcmp(name, “id”) == 0) { pageId = atoi(value); break; } } while (*pValuePair != 0); if (pageId >= 0) { // … whatever } } Best regards, Thomas Maltesen