how to get the amount of free memory on a connect port x2

I want to be able to determine when the amount of free memory is getting low.

The “display memory” command from the command line of the gateway will show memory statistics.

I should have asked: from within python, because I know how to get it using telnet or the web interface to the connect port.

I think you need to open a socket at the port 23 and issue the command “display memory” from python. I’m not sure whether this works. I have tried in Java for x4 and it worked for me.

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Works like a charm. Thx

You can send an RCI request to the X2 to query the state of the device .

You can then parse the amount of free memory from this response.

As trooper2 mentioned, you can send RCI request from device cloud. You can export the program in python.

Is this the one are you looking for?