How to get the payload info from the received API frame?


I try to use XBEE pro 802.15.4 to control Amigo Robot. The network structure is point to multipoint. I can use Labview send the API frame to the multipoint. Ex: send the api packet :7E00 0B01 00FF FF01 FAFB 0300 0000 07

7E Header
00 0B length
01 API Identifier use 16bits address
00 Setting Frame ID to ‘0’ will disable response frame
FFFF Broadcast
01 Disable ACK
FAFB 0300 0000 Amigo command packet/payload info
07 checksum

At the end point xbee received : 7E 00 0B 81 50 00 24 02 FA FB 03 00 00 00 10

The problem is I just want the end point xbee send out the FA FB 03 00 00 00 command to the Amigo robot instead of the Api Frame when it received the API frame. How can I extract the Robot command from the API frame? Are there any ways to let the xbee help to do that automatically just like the AT command? If have, how could I configure?

Thanks a lot!

Get it! Just set the end point xbee AP=0 !! :-)

Use a function called “subset string” to wire your incoming string

only two parameters to set. One is how many bytes before your wanted bytes in one API frame string. The other one is the length of your data