How to get Xbee pro s3b 900hp's to communicate via Arduino?

I am trying to get two Arduino pro mini’s 3.3v 8mhz to communicate with each other via Xbee pro 900hp’s. When I straight up connect the Xbee’s to my machine via USB on XTCU, I am able to get the Xbee’s to communicate with each other through the terminal flawlessly. However, when I connect the Xbee’s to the Arduino’s they no longer seem to function. My connections are as follows:

Xbee <-> Arduino

  1. Vcc Vcc
  2. Output Rx
  3. Input Tx
  4. GND GND

If anyone has successfully been able to solve this problem, much help would be appreciated.

Make sure that both XBee and Arduino are operating on same serial settings viz. Baud Rate, Parity, Stop Bits and Flow Control.