How to know which network topology you are using?

I have a network comprised of coordinator and many routers operating on the ZigBee protocol (when I print the protocol of each device it say ZigBee.) but is there a way to tell what topology you are using? i.e. mesh, star, tree, etc.

I just assumed mine would be a mesh network but I guess I am not entirely sure, nor do I know how to confirm which topology I am using. is it a programmed thing or just how you setup the nodes (routers, enddevice, coordinator).

probably viewing the network view in XCTU is one way, yeah? is there another?


Zigbee is Mesh.


so is it strictly mesh or might it be able to be star or tree etc.

It is going to send the data in the least amount of hops possible to get the data from the transmitter to the intended receiver. Be it Mesh via hops or direct.