How to load and save file from windows 7 to rabbit board?

Dear the wise one,

Can anyone tell me how to load and save file from windows 7 to rabbit board and vice versa?

You could run an FTP server on your board, I believe Dynamic C ships with an example FTP server. I was going to do this on my project a while back but ended up not needing too.

Is that means a FTP server can receive and save file on PC?

For PC to rabbit you’d need FTP client on the PC and server on the rabbit. Other way around for other case.

You could also try an HTTP get to get the information from the Rabbit to the PC, and an HTTP POST to store the information to the Rabbit from the PC.

Or even more basic you could try networking over sockets.

A lot depends on who you want to have control over the process. Most approaches to this type of problem are based on a client server model and it is the client which controls what happens and when.

So if it is a question of getting a file onto a Rabbit device and retrieving the same file or some other file at a later date then you would have the FTP server running on the Rabbit and an FTP client running on the PC.

If it is a question of the Rabbit sending a file to a PC or retrieving a file from a PC then the roles are reversed.

It all depends on who needs to be in control, worst case would mean trying to run FTP client and server on the Rabbit but it is starting to get messy if you have to go down that route.

Another possibility for file transfer to and from a device would be BACnet (see and for examples) using the File object and associated services. This is still a client/server approach so the same caveats apply.


Thanks for this very informative and helpful reply :slight_smile:

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