how to pin wake up for xbee3

Hi, everyone.
Can you teach how to pin-wake up by micropython.
my xbee3 status is SM = MicroPython Sleep,D1 = Digital Input,D8 = sleep/DTR
I read those pages(|_____2 ,

I checked input pin value(0,1) in D1. So, I did the same sensor inserted DIO8.
And,I used sample(set_sleep). But,xbee3 didn’t wake up early.

In addction, I read “If timeout_ms is None then pin_wake must be set to True and the device will sleep indefinitely until a falling edge on DIO8 occurs.”. Is this interpretation “x.sleep_now(True)”?

I thank you in advance for your reply.

The directions in the manual say to use SM=0 and then in your code to use the XBee().sleep_now() and XBee().wake_reason() to control the modules wake and sleep functions.

I use XBee3 module. So, I was setting SM = 6.
setting SM=0 is correct when using XBee cellular module.
And so, my xbee is endless sleeping. I can’t change program and can’t doing pinwake up.

Use the Commissioning button to restore the module to defaults by pressing it four times within 1 second.