how to put remote analog data into a laptop PC text file?

I’m pretty good at using XBee (without microcontroller or PC) to send and receive two analog data channels as well as switch positions. I can output to a meter and LEDs. I am sending down air speed and temperature data from a model plane. Now I’d like to put that analog data into a laptop text file so I can plot it on Excel. I have not seen any reference to a program to do that. It’s either because it is so easy, its part of the operating system or I am not using the right key words.
Suggestions anyone?

excell is not going to do it on its own. you really need to create an application that first reads the data from the COM port, converts the data from the Hex API format and then outputs that data to a log or file of some sort. Try using something like python or LabView to do this work with.

Thank you Mr. MVUT.
You suggested that “I really need to create an application…”
I was really rather hoping, I was not the first person to want to record remote-data in an laptop. Surely someone has written such a program where you can direct the data to a file. In fact, it seems to be such a natural application, I would not be surprised if there were hundreds of XBee users who use such a program and the fact that no one writes about it, or makes youTubes about it, is because it is so breathlessly easy and uses a program that’s part of the Windows operating system.