How to send information detected by sensors to computer with XBee

I’m wondering how I can send data collected with my PM2.5 sensor to my computer with 2 XBees. I have little to no experience so any help would be welcome.

What kind of interface does you sensor have or offer? Is it an Analog output, Digital IO or TTL/CMOS?

The sensor is ttl, I believe. It’s a pm2.5 sensor and the setup with the arduino is explained on
Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it!

If you are collecting the data on the Arduino and then sending the data via XBee, Then all you need to do is use the existing Arduino XBee lib files to send the data over the XBee module. Also make sure that you use the proper XBee Adapter as well as the XBee are 3V device and are NOT 5V tolerant.

OK thank you! Once my XBee’s ship in, I’ll try it out. Thanks a lot for all the help. I just started playing around with these things so any type of help/education is great!