How to set SP and ST parameter in Digimesh?

hi, all!

I want to set up my Digimesh with sleep mode. As in datasheet, Xbee digimesh support two sleep mode, synchronous and asynchronous. I want to config xbee in asynchronous sleep mode with pin wake up (SM = 5). Unfortunately, I don’t know how long I should set “Cyclic Sleep Period (SP)” and “Time before sleep” (ST).

Does any one help me?

Thanks a lot!

PS: sorry for my English, [:D]

When using DigiMesh you generally want to be using the synchronous mode (SM=7,SM=8). When you are using asynchronous mode nodes are not able to repeat in a Mesh topology.

If you still wish to use asynchronous mode, set both nodes to SM=5 and also CE=2 on both devices. You should be able to exchange data.

There are some trickier topologies which are possible (a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous) network but I wouldn’t recommend them.

Good luck!