How to set up multiple XBEE transmitters without buying an individual arduino for each?

Hello, I have the XBEE sparkfun kit, found here:

and an arduino uno.

I am trying to connect 3 serial rs232 based devices to a single computer and display/log their outputs:

1 of these

and 2 of these

These sensors operate on a query and response mode using an rs232 serial connection, where you write a command to their Rx and read back the response. Right now I have a single one working with my arduino and transmitting wirelessly to my pc using the XBee nodes to the XCTU console which is viewing the receiver node that is connected to the xbee explorer usb dongle.

Is there a way to make all 3 wireless, without repeating this same set up for all them? I would like to avoid buying 2 more unos, and 2 more usb xbee boards, along with a usb hub to view all three on one PC. Anybody have any ideas on what else I can do to set this up? Thank you

I can think if three ways:

  • Connect each sensor to a different ADC pin on the one XBee
  • Connect each of the sensors to a different ADC port on the Arduino
  • Connect each sensor to a different XBee module. Then send the appropriate command to each sensor via its xbee module. (Point to multi-point networking)