How to stop script


Does anybody know how to stop the script on a connectport device ( CP x4 for example)?

The reason why we wanted to do this is to debug a custom presentation driver that we have written. We cannot check how a clean instance of the driver would behave by running “python” (with a containing the presentation driver), because the CP x4 is always running another instance of The “who” command always shows this.

We tried a trick outlined in one of threads in this forum, where a socket server integrated in the presentation driver calls sys.exit() as soon as a client makes a connection to it. We observed that the socket server correctly exits but mysteriously is still there on the list shown by the “who” command.

Any ideas?


Narada Warakagoda

Hey There is no way to kill the python script running on the gateway without reboot. So, you need to remove the script name from the auto start script setting. The reboot the gateway and then try again.

Thanks shahrj1988!
Removing the script name from the auto start setting was enough for our purpose.


I see that removing the script for auto-start has solved your problem.

In hopes this information may help others, I wanted to also add that Digi has added the ability to stop the Dia WITHOUT having to reboot!

This feature will be in the 1.4.x release of the Dia.

Dia 1.4.14 is release now.