how to use pins as bidirectional

Hello everybody,

I have a problem of comprehension with port E of RCM2250.

In its description I can read that it could be individually
selected to be an I/O control signal instead
of a parallel I/O line. And this is choosen in PEFR register.

I understand that selecting I/O control signal is to have a pin as bidirectional, am I right?

But then, what do I have to do? do I have to put the value at PEDR as you do when you work with the pin as parallel or do I have to work with PEDDR?

If anyone could help me I would be very pleased.

P.S. I would like PE7 to be a bidirectional bit to communicate with an I2C memory. I’m trying to put PEDDR<7> as input or output before the actions of writing or reading and then sending 0 or 1 by PEDR<7> as I need and I do not achive my goals (communicating with the memory).