How would I disable a Ipsec VPN? And is there an easy way to turn int off and on?

I have purchased a system that has many of the WR44 routers in place. Some of them used to use a VPN connection to pass their SCADA information. Now I am using Modbus TCP and static IP’s so the VPN connection is disabled at the concentrator. However, the VPN at the router is still trying to connect which I believe is causing data overages. Regardless of if it is or isn’t I would like to know how to turn them off or Disable, either permanently or temporarily.

Go to the interfaces (presumably ppp 1 if you are using cellular and one SIM only) and untick allow IPsec.

That, and go and delete the IPsec settings under the VPN option.

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If you have multiple vpns on the device and only want to disable 1 of them remove the ip address peer device this will stop the transport from trying to build.

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