How would I retrieve EventLog via RCI


I’m trying to obtain the event log via RCI interface but I always get an empty response xml file. I am using the WR21 and I can see the file Eventlog under the “FLASH directory” under File Management. Am I missing something? FW version used is 5246. Thanks in advance.

Here is my input:

P.S.: I’m able to get good response for other query_state and query_settings. So I know the RCI settings in general works, except the “do_command” listed above.

Please any help? My question is how to retrieve a text file (eventlog.txt) in this case via the RCI. Thanks

Use the type command and just type it out. so “type eventlog.txt”.

I understand that using “type eventlog.txt” in the CLI would display the log to the console. However, I need to retrieve the file via RCI interface.

Below is my request and response. Please note that string in the … I would imaging the encoded string would be much longer than that (as this is the content of the eventlog file).

RCI Request:

RCI Response:


I meant use the do_command and then the cli command to type it out so:

    type eventlog.txt

You don’t even have to decode base64 then.

Thank you Nicholas. Your suggestion works! Appreciate your help a lot.