HTTP Authentication

I’m using NET+OS on NetARM-50. I need to provide password protection to my 10 Web pages. I need to do something a little different than the nahttp demo. I need to allow the user to login to one of the pages on the embedded server, then not be challenged for another login while he accesses any of the pages, until a inactivity timeout period. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but nothing seems to work quite right. I either don’t get challenged when I should, or vise versa. Can anyone help? Thanks, Bruce

This sounds like an application issue. The sample applications forces you to authenticate at the point of contact.

You can assign password authentication only to the pages you wish to be password protected, using the Realm thing in the “HTML-C” converter application.

Actually, we provide this feature now. With the new feature, you have choice of repeatedly challenging or only challenging once. You can contact Netsilicon Technical support to request this new feature.

I’m not sure what you are suggesting. Do you believe I can accomplish my goal using the simple Web server? The sample application (nahttp), that I have built my application around, forces authentication for every attempted access of every page. This gets annoying. Bruce