HTTP/TCP issues under uCOS


I am having issues with my Application where the system will just stop. No errors. Nothing. This stop will occur anything from 1 second to 5 minutes after startup.

If I program to Flash, and have the unit running stand-alone, it will reboot when the stop occurs (due to the watchdog).

I have checked my stack and CPU usage which are both stable and not growing.

If I single step through the program, It did appear to stop on a tcp_tick call.

I have 8 threads… RS232 Serial, SPI to an ADC, http, udp socket connection and email + multiple IO.

If I leave out the UDP recieve and HTTP handler threads, the system is fine. So it must be in the TCP/IP stack? The Email sending still works OK.

I will sometimes get the RST38 error, but rarely.

Any ideas at all?