i need a driver

i have a 2 year old pci card that runs a a webcam.

sn/ 3389490828
p/n 50001079

intel p/n 697951-003

digi MWV238

i cant find a driver anywhere on the site i have tried outting those numbers in search?

help plz

I don’t believe that’s a Digi product. I checked the serial and part numbers and neither matched up. Are you sure it was manufactured by Digi International and not Digicomm or someone?


I’ve received several PCs with the same card. It is an audio/video capture card with a BT848 and an ISDN modem. It contains the same P/Ns as described by Puppies and the sticker with the intel p/n contains your Digi logo. My card has been manufactured in wk36 1999 so the card is older than Puppies post might suggest.

Any chance to find something with this additional info?

Thanks in advance,



this card is an outcome of a joint venture project with Intel as you can see this on yor Intel P/N.
We stop to support this card years ago and therefore we do not have any new driver for it.
So the best you can do is check the Intel support site.