I/O line passing and powering up.

Hello again,
I have line passing enabled on DIO4 - INPUT. I have several XB3’s transmitting to one XB3 with DIO4 set to OUTPUT. I have an N.O. momentary switch on these INPUT’s.

However, when I power up a transmitting XB, it sends a state change signal to the RX causing a false reading because the switch was never actuated. On the RX side, the signal that is sent upon powerup is passed on and causes a momentary relay to switch positions. I need to be able to add and subtract XB’s to the network without disruption.

Is there a way for the XB to NOT send any kind of initial status upon startup?

Thanks very much!

Try setting the radio for change detect.

That is how I am using using it.

You may want to try adding a small pull up or pull down resistor to make sure that the lines remains that way when you do not want it to.

Thank You. Adding a 40K Ohm pulldown resistor as per the manual has solved my problem. It’s a bit confusing thinking a pulldown resistor is still needed after setting PR and PD.
I appreciate your time once again.