iic(i2c) problem with 24c02

Anyone got IIC master for serial eeprom 24c02(one byte data) to work?

I can see the the address portion at read transfers working, but the data transmitted from 24c02 device are canceled out. It seems the master(NS9360) drives SCL against the data.

I’m using the NS9360’s iic(i2c) internal hardware and the NAI2COperation(…) function with writeBufLen and readBufLen = 1.

Is this a bug somewhere?

I’ve successfully written and read single bytes on the 9210 and 9215, which use the same I2C driver and therefore are probably the same underlying hardware.

In ‘single master’ mode the NS9360 will always provide the primary drive for SCL - although the 24c02 may pull it low to extend the clock period.