Implementing a new collision avoidance technique

Hi, I am quite new to this place. I am working on a mesh network project using XBee. In this, I want to implement a new collision avoidance technique in XBee’s mac layer instead of default CSMA/CA. So can anyone guide me on how I can proceed with this idea and is there any reference where such implementation has been tested already?

Thank You in advance.


Without you writing your own custom application and porting it over to the XBee, you are not going to be able to not use the CSMA function.

Digi Support

Hi, thanks for responding. I want to implement a Distributed Queuing protocol instead of default CSMA in XBee. Is this feasible?. If so which tool i need for XBee firmware changes. And can you provide me any reference/documentation will be a great help

No, not unless the Chip vendor offers a software that does a Distributed protocol.