Increase Font Sizes on Digi Embedded Devices using Qt Designer

Hi, I’m developing with Qt for Embedded Linux and Qt 4.7.1 on Linux and I’m cross compiling for an ARM board using Digi ConnectCard. On the Qt application that runs on the ARM board using Digi ESP for embedded Linux, I need some QLabels with large fonts (I set to 48pt on the QtDesigner), but when I load the executable on the ARM board those fonts are not as large as I see them on the QtDesigner interface (and on my Linux PC), and even if I set a bigger font size, when I run the application on the board, the fonts have always the same size (as if it were reached a maximum font size or as if the font does not support that size).

you probably do not have the fonts you use selected on host installed on your target. Please take a look at:
make sure you have right fonts in the folders mentioned there

Yes, I agree with LeonidM. May you have not the font that you need in your target. You can find the fonst installed in your targen on /usr/local/QtEmbedded-4.7.2/lib/fonts