Indoor Localization using s2c

I am new to Xbee so I need your help. Well I am trying to create an indoor localization system. What I am trying to achieve is explained below.

  1. The tags (Xbee S2C) sends out ping every 3 second to the readers (Xbee X2C) around the corners of the room with its Id. [Using RPC]
  2. Upon receiving the ping the reader gets the RSSI and forwards its own id, tag id and RSSI to the pc reader (Xbee S2C) [Using RPC]
  3. The PC readers keeps receiving the data and forwards it to the localhost where I have triangular approach to calculate the location.

Now the problem is I came to know that S2C doesn’t support MicroPython so I need you guys to help me program and achieve what I have explained above.

The best option is to use API mode on the Base unit and send a TX request packet to the loop back cluster ID at the Broadcast address. Then read the RSSI back on each receive packet at the base.