Internal error save failed (Digi ME)

When configuring DigiConnect ME module. I got “Save failed, internal error” message.

Why this happend?

Hi, I have the same problem with one of my Digi Connect ME module… It’s new!



I had the same problem.update your firmware.

Earlier this year we had uncovered a procedural issue in our manufacturing process, whereby the last sector of flash was left locked. This sector being locked means that the web interface is unable to save its configuration.

If you suspect that this is the problem please contact Digi support with the serial numbers (e.g. MAC address) of all so afflicted modules. Support can determine if the modules were produced during the troubled timeframe and subsequently arrange for a RMA.

Since the uncovering of this issue our manufacturing group has enhanced its procedure in order to avoid any further occurences.

Digi Technical Support
phone: (952) 912-3456

My module don’t accept the upgrade…
This is the reply from the Digi support but it isn’t the solution…

" That error is frequently associated to Browsers using stored pages in cache rather than accessing the Web Server in the Digi module. "


Try this procedure:

" Please follow the attached procedure. When you get to step#5 please choose options 1 (Erase NVRAM from flash) and then 2 (Erase BOOTPARM from flash). What results to you see? Does it fail on either of them? If they both succeed, then continue going through the document. You can find another copy of the new firmware here if you don’t already have one: With your firmware reloaded, does the problem go away? "

My ConnectMe is KO :frowning: