Interrupted transparent mode

Dear All,

I am a newbie with the XBee modules. I am trying to put two Xbee 865/868LP 80kbps modules to work in transparent (AT) mode to replace the serial line. Using the AT command mode, I only set the following:

  • baud rate
  • DH + DL on both sides

Even in the lab test, the communication is interrupted every few seconds. In fact, this is only happening when a bidirectional transfer is going on. With the unidirectional transfer, everything is fine.

How is this interruption noticed? The packets get delayed. All of them arrive, I checked this from their numbers. But sometimes they stop coming for a few seconds and then they arrive all at once. All other module setting are left at default values. The packets are small, 12 bytes long and transmitted every 200 ms.

I read at some sites that for the AT link people sometimes put one module into the coordinator mode and the other into the endpoint mode. Is this really necessary for just a simple link?