IO output state change

Hi there!

I’m trying to blink led that connected to pin DIO0 at remote XBP24-ZB module (endpoint API, firmware version 2970) by sending command D0 with parameter 4/5.
What is really boring: change of pin state is so slow, more than 1 sec after sending command!( Is it normal? How can be possible to control IO outputs faster?

I’ve searched the forum and found only this topic,608_offset,10
but no suggestions here

I think I found the solution.
The problem was in the format of Remote AT Command Request API frame. I set a field “Frame ID” to 0 because do not want to receive ACK responses. Now I set the value to 1 and everything works much faster.

The only one strange thing remains. When toggling output really fast the pin state sometimes not change, but from the comand response and status - everything is normal…

How do you do? can you give an example???