Is AnywhereUSB/2 can work in TCP Server Mode ?

I would like to use an USB manual barcode reader from a distant Server without installing any additionnal Driver. With DigiOne Product in TCP Sockets Mode, I can use a telnet “like” program to connect directly to the device over TCP/IP. Is this possible to do the same thing with an AnywhereUSB/2 device ?


I’m afraid this is not possible. The way the AnywhereUSB is designed, it will only work in conjunction with the Digi AnywhereUSB driver/software for Windows, to provide USB ports to the computer to be used similar to native USB ports, or ports of a USB hub.

I’d like to add that I’ll be putting in a feature request for this, as other customers have asked about this before. I can’t make any guarantees that this feature will be added, much less when, but it will be considered by product management.